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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hot-Cross Tongues - If You Can't Take the Heat

Hapi Hot Wasabi Peas - Wasabi Coated Green Peas (9.9 oz. can)For those of you that enjoy the spice of life, you may want to enjoy it while it's hot. An informal survey of friends, family and acquaintances over the last few years shows that, as we get older, we may either lose our oral sensitivity to hot food, or our ability to eat it at all without various negative bodily reactions, including stomach ulcers. But since our tongues still crave the spice, it's almost like we have to reverse the building of tolerance to hot foods.

Me, I'm crazy enough to eat spicy food regardless of its effects on me. Well, I was crazy - often munching on raw green chilies or (stupidly) swallowing a whole lump of wasabi horseradish at a sushi restaurant. But nowadays, while I may still munch on one green chili, I always have a piece of white bread on hand to dull the pain my tongue endures (and still craves). I still use hot sauces and crushed red pepper flake nearly every day; just not as much. Except last year, when I accidentally dumped a 1/4 cup of flake into a bowl of soup. I strained off most of the pepper, but its essence had permeated the liquid of the soup. After I finished, my mouth and scalp tingled for hours.

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